Saturday, June 3, 2017

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Official Theme Songs - Mp3, Video Download

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Official Theme Songs - Promo Star Sports Mp3, Mp4, HD Video Download, Mobile Ringtone- ICC Champions Trophy 2017, one of the biggest tournament of cricket, will comprise 8 of the best ODI teams and they will battle their way out to become the champion. In such a big league, you surely need a fantastic official promo song. Star Sports, the official broadcaster of this League in India, has totally built and based the league on the positioning of 'Champions Ka World Cup', Mauka Mauka songs.  ICC Champions trophy 2017 Official Theme Song Download Mp3, Video, mobile ringtone.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Songs Har Koi Dekhega

The official promo song for this is 'Har Koi Dekhega'. In the TV commercials, the same anthem is used for promotion. 'Har Koi dekhega' means 'everybody will watch'. This signifies that the Champions Trophy is for all age groups. The ICC Champion's Trophy 2017's official promo song focuses on the great quality of contest this tournament is going to bring. The Official ICC Champions Trophy's promo song video features Indian fans of various age group. This perfectly depicts the craze of cricket in India. Cricket is not just a sport, it's a religion here.
Putting a lot of emphasis on the tagline 'Pata hai na kya dekhega', they managed to give us that buzz for the tournament. The official promo song is so energetic that if you watch this commercial you would want to watch the tournament as soon as possible. After all, it is one of the biggest ICC leagues.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Official Promo Songs

The TV commercial for the ICC champions trophy 2017 and the official promo song ends with a voice over saying,
“Ek nahin, yahan aath aath hain.
Saare ke saare baap hain.
Har koi dekhega,
Kyun ki yeh hai Champions ka World Cup”.

The TV Advertisement was as classy as it could be. The official promo song for Champions Trophy 2017 managed to energize us up. The main idea behind the concept of the advertisement is that, though India is a diverse nation, they are 'Indians'. And when it comes to cricket, there is no discrimination among Indians, and all of them heartily supports team India.

The official promo song 'Har Koi Dekhega' is so energetic that it quickly captured Indian fans' anticipation. After listening to the official promo song, we can anticipate such an energetic tournament as well.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 India vs Pakistan Songs

#SabseBadaMoh ye moh kabhi nhi chhutega, moh moh moh  सब छूट जाएगा, मगर ये 'सबसे बड़ा मोह' नहीं छूटेगा

The bottom line of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, lies on Virat Kohli.
It is Virat Kohli's first major ICC tournament as a captain of the team India. That clearly shows how much responsibility this young man has got. Though he has few experiences as captain of team India, he has never got India's back when the anticipations are very high. The IPL edition of 2017 also looked at the downfall of Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli is not in the form of his life as a batsman or a captain. Let's see what happens in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.


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